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This feature was introduced in Unleash v4.0.0.

The Datadog addon allows Unleash to post Updates to Datadog when a feature toggle is updated. To set up this addon, you need to set up a webhook connector for your channel. You can follow Submitting events to Datadog on how to do that.

The Datadog addon will perform a single retry if the HTTP POST against the Datadog Webhook URL fails (either a 50x or network error). Duplicate events may happen, and you should never assume events always comes in order.



You can choose to trigger updates for the following events (we might add more event types in the future):

  • feature-created
  • feature-updated
  • feature-archived
  • feature-revived
  • feature-stale-on
  • feature-stale-off


Unleash Datadog addon takes the following parameters.


Datadog's incoming webhooks are app specific. You will be able to create multiple addons to support messaging on different apps.