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This feature was introduced in Unleash v3.11.0.

The Webhook Addon introduces a generic way to post messages from Unleash to third party services. Unleash allows you to define a webhook which listens changes in Unleash and post them to a third party services.

The webhook will perform a single retry if the HTTP POST call fails (either a 50x or network error). Duplicate events may happen,m and you should never assume events always comes in order.



You can choose to trigger updates for the following events (we might add more event types in the future):

  • feature-created
  • feature-updated
  • feature-archived
  • feature-revived
  • feature-stale-on
  • feature-stale-off

(we will add more events in the future!)


Unleash Webhook addon takes the following parameters.

Webhook URL This is the only required property. If you are using a Slack Application you must also make sure your application is allowed to post the channel you want to post to.

Content-Type Used to set the content-type header used when unleash performs an HTTP POST to the defined endpoint.

Body template Used to override the body template used by Unleash when performing the HTTP POST. You may format you message using a Mustache template. You will have the Unleash event format available in the rendering context.


"event": "{{event.type}}",
"createdBy": "{{event.createdBy}}",
"featureToggle": "{{}}",
"timestamp": "{{}}"

If you don't specify anything Unleash will use the Unleash event format.