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API Access

It is possible to integrate directly with the Admin API. In this guide we will explain all the steps to set it up.

Step 1: Create API token#

Please refer to Create token on how to create an API token. You'll need a token with Admin level access for this to work.

Please note that it may take up to 60 seconds for the new key to propagate to all Unleash-hosted instances.

If you need an API token to use in a client SDK you should create a "client token" as these have less access.

Step 2: Use Admin API#

Now that you have an access token with admin privileges we can use that to perform changes in our Unleash-hosted instance.

In the example below we will use the Unleash Admin API to enable the “Demo” feature toggle sing curl.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: admintoken"

Great success! We have now enabled the feature toggle. We can also verify that it was actually changed by the API user by navigating to the history (audit log) for this feature toggle.

Create token

API overview#

You can find the full documentation on everything the Unleash API supports in the Unleash API documentation.