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Python SDK

You will need your API URL and your API token in order to connect the Client SDK to you Unleash instance. You can find this information in the “Admin” section Unleash management UI. Read more

from UnleashClient import UnleashClient
client = UnleashClient(
url="<API url>",
custom_headers={'Authorization': '<API token>'})

Checking if a feature is enabled#

A check of a simple toggle:

client.is_enabled("My Toggle")

Specifying a default value:

client.is_enabled("My Toggle", default_value=True)

Supplying application context:

app_context = {"userId": ""}
client.is_enabled("User ID Toggle", app_context)

Supplying a fallback function:

def custom_fallback(feature_name: str, context: dict) -> bool:
return True
client.is_enabled("My Toggle", fallback_function=custom_fallback)
  • Must accept the fature name and context as an argument.
  • Client will evaluate the fallback function only if exception occurs when calling the is_enabled() method i.e. feature flag not found or other general exception.
  • If both a default_value and fallback_function are supplied, client will define the default value by ORing the default value and the output of the fallback function.

Getting a variant#

Checking for a variant:

context = {'userId': '2'} # Context must have userId, sessionId, or remoteAddr. If none are present, distribution will be random.
variant = client.get_variant("MyvariantToggle", context)
> {
> "name": "variant1",
> "payload": {
> "type": "string",
> "value": "val1"
> },
> "enabled": True
> }