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Make the business case for feature flag migration

Once you have scoped your migration, you need to make a business case. Even the most well planned migrations take effort, meaning time, money, and energy dedicated to a project. If you don’t have the proper buy-in, you risk being under-resourced or worse, being unable to complete the migration at all.

When building a business case, you want to be clear on what pain the feature flag migration is solving and the happy end state once the migration is complete.

To structure your thinking, ask yourself:

  • What practices related to feature deployments, debugging and rollbacks are overburdening teams today and driving down productivity?
  • What specific deficiencies are there in the current platform
  • What business outcomes are you looking to drive?
  • After the migration, what does "better" look like?

Use our Feature Flag Migration template to fill in details about your business case.