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API Tokens

In order to connect to Unleash clients will need an API token to grant access. A client SDK will need to token with "client privileges", which allows them to fetch feature toggle configuration and post usage metics back.

Create API Token#


To create an API token you'll need the CREATE_API_TOKEN permission level, at the time of writing (v4.0.0), this level is only set for instance admins.

Eventually one should be able to customize which users has access to create tokens.

All users are able to see tokens with CLIENT level access, but only instance admins can see tokens with ADMIN level access.


1. Select Admin from the sidebar

Admin menu

2. Select Api Access from the tab menu

Tab Menu

3. Click Add new API key at the bottom of the page

Client keys

4a. If you're configuring an SDK select Client in the pop-up. And give the key an identifying name allowing you to recognize it later

Api key client

5a. Copy the Secret column and add this to your client

Api key list

Admin operations

4a. If you're going to be using the admin interface via CURL you'll need a key with Admin rights. Select Admin in the Add new API key popup.

Remember to give the key a username allowing you to recognize the key in audit logs later

5a. Copy the key in the Secret column and use it in your authorization header. For curl, that would be -H "Authorization: <yoursecrethere>"