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ADR: Domain language


In the codebase, we have seen the need to define a domain language that we use to refer to features, methods to keep it consistent across the codebase. This ADR will contain a growing list of domain language used to keep the consistency across the codebase.


We have decided to use the same domain language for the features we develop. Each feature will have it's own domain language to keep it consistent across the codebase.

Change requests domain language

  • Change request: An entity referring to the overarching data structure of a change request. A change request contains changes, and can be approved or rejected.
  • Change: A term referring to a single change within a change request
  • Changes: A term referring to a group of changes within a change request
  • Discard: A term used for deleting a single change of a change request, or discarding an entire change request.
  • Pending: A pending change request is one that has not yet been applied or discarded. In other words, it is in one of these three states:
    1. Draft
    2. In review
    3. Approved
  • Closed: A closed change request has either been applied or cancelled and can no longer be changed. Change requests that are either Applied or Cancelled are considered closed.