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Unleash Academy is your go-to portal for complimentary self-paced training materials around the Unleash platform.

Whether you are new to feature flags or a seasoned feature management user and whatever your organizational role, our materials will help onboard you to the full suite of capabilities the Unleash platform has to offer, refresh your existing knowledge, broaden your knowledge to new use cases, and much more!

Any Unleash user is welcomed - from Open Source, Pro to Enterprise.

Content is carefully curated to ensure the best, most relevant targeted learning experience. Review the next section on how to use the content to get started today!

Learning Paths and How to use this content

Content is built around Learning Paths that are based on common user roles and personas using Unleash today. This helps ensure that you maximize value from the time you spend with Unleash Academy by reviewing content that will help you achieve your goals with Unleash.

1. Start by identifying the persona most closely associated with your day to day responsibilities. Example titles are provided for additional guidance:

  • Developer
    • E.g Software Engineer, Software Developer
  • DevOps / Admin
    • Platform Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Systems Administrator, Cloud Infrastructure Consultant
  • Product Owner
    • Product Manager, Product Analyst
  • People Leader
    • Manager, Executive

All roles working with Unleash start with the Foundational training. Then, role dependent courses are offered thereafter.

2. Now check the course directory or the graphic below to find out which courses apply to your persona!

Course Directory

Directory by Persona

Select the tab that corresponds to your persona. A course list is shown - plan to complete the courses in the displayed order, noting the estimated completion times.


See also the following visualization of the learning paths

Course order for Developer, DevOps, Product and Leader personas
Learning Paths organized by Persona

Directory by Course