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This Unleash Academy course is for all roles working with Unleash - Developers, Product owners, Leaders.


Estimated time burden: 75 min

Learning Objectives

Gain a baseline understanding of why to use Unleash in your development and a general introduction to CI/CD. An understanding of Unleash anatomy and architecture and how the different systems connect together.

Intro to Feature Flags/Toggles & Unleash

  • Feature flags - What they are & why to use them
  • What is Unleash?

Anatomy of Unleash

  • Covering the various components that exist within the Unleash system and how they interact with each other and with external applications. Components that include but not limited to: projects, environments, variants, feature toggles --> strategies, tokens, tags, context

Architecture overview

  • Unleash API, UI, SDKs, Proxy --> Edge (Proxy 2.0)

How to use Unleash

  • Projects and Environments
  • Toggle creation and targeting
  • Strategies, constraints, segments
  • Variants (and environments), Strategy Variants
  • Introduction to A/B Testing
  • API tokens (Personal Access Tokens, client, frontend)

Course Detail

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