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How to manage public invite tokens

Public invite links let you invite new members to an Unleash instance. A key part of an invite link is the public invite token. This guide shows you how to use the Unleash admin UI to create, update, and delete public invite tokens. You can also manage public signup tokens via the Unleash API.

Only Unleash instance admins have the necessary permissions to create and manage public invite tokens.

Creating a token

  1. Navigate to the users page in Unleash and use the create invite link button

The settings menu in the Unleash nav bar with the "users" link highlighted.

The Unleash users page. There is a separate "create invite link" section above the list of users.

  1. Fill out the "create invite link" form and (optionally) copy the invite link. You can always get the link later. A short form with only one field: token expiry.

An "invite link created" modal. It contains an invite link that can be copied and some info on how to use it.

Updating/Deleting a token

  1. Follow the steps in the previous paragraph to navigate to the users page.
  2. When you have an active invite token, use the button labeled "update invite link".
  3. Use the form to edit the expiry for the token or to delete it entirely.