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Public Invite Links

Public invite links let you invite team members to your Unleash instance. Any user with an invite link can sign up to Unleash instance that created the link. The user will get the viewer role (refer to the predefined roles_ section of the RBAC document for more information on roles).

User who follow the invite link are taken directly to the Unleash sign-up page, where they can create an account.

Only Unleash instance admins can create public invite links.

An Unleash signup form for new users

Public sign-up tokens

The most important part of a public sign-up link is the sign-up token. The token is added as the invite query parameter to the invite link.

Each token has an expiry date. After this expiry date, the token will stop working and users can no longer sign up using an invite link with that token.

Creating, updating, and deleting tokens

You can create, update and delete tokens via the Unleash Admin UI or via the Unleash API.

A token is active as soon as it's created and stops working as soon as it's deleted or expired.

You can only have one active invite token at a time. If you already have an active token, you must delete it to create a new one.