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How to add strategy constraints


Before Unleash 4.16, strategy constraints were only available to Unleash Pro and Enterprise users. From 4.16 onwards, they're available to everyone.

This guide shows you how to add strategy constraints to your feature toggles via the admin UI. For information on how to interact with strategy constraints from an Unleash client SDK, visit the specific SDKs documentation or see the relevant section in the strategy constraints documentation.


You'll need to have an existing feature toggle with a defined strategy to add a constraint. The rest of this guide assumes you have a specific strategy that you're working with.

Step 1: Open the constraints menu

On the strategy you're working with, find and select the "edit strategy" button.

A feature toggle with one strategy. The "edit strategy" button is highlighted.

On the "edit strategy" screen, select the "add constraint" button to open the constraints menu.

A feature toggle strategy view showing a button labeled with add constraints.

Step 2: Add and configure the constraint

Refer to the constraint structure section of the strategy constraints reference for a thorough explanation of the constraint fields.

  1. From the "Context Field" dropdown, select the context field you would like to constrain the strategy on and choose the constraint operator you want.
  2. Define the values to use for this constraint. The operator you selected decides whether you can define one or multiple values and what format they can have.
  3. Save the constraint first, and then save the strategy.

A strategy constraint form with a constraint set to "region". The "values" input is a dropdown menu containing the options "Africa", "Asia", "Europe", and "North America", as defined in the preceding paragraph.

How to update existing constraints

To update an existing constraint, find the constraint in the "edit strategy" screen and use the constraint's "edit" button.