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How to create and display banners


Banners were introduced in Unleash 5.7 and are only available in Unleash Enterprise.

This guide takes you through how to create and display banners.

Creating banners

Step 1: Navigate to the banners page

Navigate to the banners page in the admin UI (available at the URL /admin/banners). Use the settings button in the navigation menu and select "banners".

The admin UI admin menu with the Banners item highlighted.

Step 2: Use the "new banner" button

Use the "new banner" button to open the "new banner" form.

The "banners" table with the "new banner" button highlighted.

Step 3: Fill in the banner form

Choose whether the banner should be enabled right away. If enabled, the banner will be visible to all users in your Unleash instance. Select the banner type, icon, and write the message that you'd like to see displayed on the banner. The message and dialog fields support Markdown. Optionally, you can also configure a banner action for user interactivity. For a full overview of all the banner options, consult the banners reference documentation.

You'll be able to preview the banner at the top as you fill in the form.

Once you're satisfied, use the "add banner" button to create the banner.

The banner form filled with some example data, and the "add banner" button highlighted at the bottom.

Displaying banners

You can choose whether a banner is currently displayed to all users of your Unleash instance by toggling the "enabled" switch on the banner table.

Alternatively, you can edit the banner by using the "edit" button on the banner table and then toggle the "banner status" switch.

The "banners" table with some example data, and the "enable" switch highlighted.