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Get API tokens

GET /api/admin/api-tokens

Retrieves all API tokens that exist in the Unleash instance.




  • tokens object[]required

    A list of Unleash API tokens.

  • Array [
  • secret string required

    The token used for authentication.

  • username string deprecated

    This property was deprecated in Unleash v5. Prefer the tokenName property instead.

  • tokenName string required

    A unique name for this particular token

  • type string required

    Possible values: [client, admin, frontend]

    The type of API token

  • environment string

    The environment the token has access to. * if it has access to all environments.

  • project string required

    The project this token belongs to.

  • projects string[] required

    The list of projects this token has access to. If the token has access to specific projects they will be listed here. If the token has access to all projects it will be represented as [*]

  • expiresAt date-time nullable

    The token's expiration date. NULL if the token doesn't have an expiration set.

  • createdAt date-time required

    When the token was created.

  • seenAt date-time nullable

    When the token was last seen/used to authenticate with. NULL if the token has not yet been used for authentication.

  • alias string nullable

    Alias is no longer in active use and will often be NULL. It's kept around as a way of allowing old proxy tokens created with the old metadata format to keep working.

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