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Get application data

GET /api/admin/metrics/applications/:appName

Returns data about the specified application (appName). The data contains information on the name of the application, sdkVersion (which sdk reported these metrics, typically unleash-client-node:3.4.1 or unleash-client-java:7.1.0), as well as data about how to display this application in a list.


Path Parameters

  • appName string required


  • appName string required

    Name of the application

  • sdkVersion string

    Which SDK and version the application reporting uses. Typically represented as <identifier>:<version>

  • strategies string[]

    Which strategies the application has loaded. Useful when trying to figure out if your custom strategy has been loaded in the SDK

  • description string

    Extra information added about the application reporting the metrics. Only present if added via the Unleash Admin interface

  • url string

    A link to reference the application reporting the metrics. Could for instance be a GitHub link to the repository of the application

  • color string

    The CSS color that is used to color the application's entry in the application list

  • icon string

    An URL to an icon file to be used for the applications's entry in the application list

  • usage object[]

    The list of projects the application has been using.

  • Array [
  • project string required

    Name of the project

  • environments string[] required

    Which environments have been accessed in this project.

  • ]