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Get the most recent events from the Unleash instance or all events related to a project.

GET /api/admin/events

Returns the last 100 events from the Unleash instance when called without a query parameter. When called with a project parameter, returns all events for the specified project.

If the provided project does not exist, the list of events will be empty.


Query Parameters

  • project string

    The name of the project whose events you want to retrieve



  • version integer required

    Possible values: >= 1, [1]

    The api version of this response. A natural increasing number. Only increases if format changes

  • events object[]required

    The list of events

  • Array [
  • id integer required

    Possible values: >= 1

    The ID of the event. An increasing natural number.

  • createdAt date-time required

    The time the event happened as a RFC 3339-conformant timestamp.

  • type string required

    Possible values: [application-created, feature-created, feature-deleted, feature-updated, feature-metadata-updated, feature-variants-updated, feature-environment-variants-updated, feature-project-change, feature-archived, feature-revived, feature-import, feature-tagged, feature-tag-import, feature-strategy-update, feature-strategy-add, feature-strategy-remove, feature-type-updated, feature-completed, feature-uncompleted, strategy-order-changed, drop-feature-tags, feature-untagged, feature-stale-on, feature-stale-off, drop-features, feature-environment-enabled, feature-environment-disabled, strategy-created, strategy-deleted, strategy-deprecated, strategy-reactivated, strategy-updated, strategy-import, drop-strategies, context-field-created, context-field-updated, context-field-deleted, project-access-added, project-access-user-roles-updated, project-access-group-roles-updated, project-access-user-roles-deleted, project-access-group-roles-deleted, project-access-updated, project-created, project-updated, project-deleted, project-import, project-user-added, project-user-removed, project-user-role-changed, project-group-role-changed, project-group-added, project-group-removed, role-created, role-updated, role-deleted, drop-projects, tag-created, tag-deleted, tag-import, drop-tags, tag-type-created, tag-type-deleted, tag-type-updated, tag-type-import, drop-tag-types, addon-config-created, addon-config-updated, addon-config-deleted, db-pool-update, user-created, user-updated, user-deleted, drop-environments, environment-import, environment-created, environment-updated, environment-deleted, segment-created, segment-updated, segment-deleted, group-created, group-updated, group-deleted, group-user-added, group-user-removed, setting-created, setting-updated, setting-deleted, client-metrics, client-register, pat-created, pat-deleted, public-signup-token-created, public-signup-token-user-added, public-signup-token-updated, change-request-created, change-request-discarded, change-added, change-discarded, change-edited, change-request-rejected, change-request-approved, change-request-approval-added, change-request-cancelled, change-request-sent-to-review, change-request-schedule-suspended, change-request-applied, change-request-scheduled, change-request-scheduled-application-success, change-request-scheduled-application-failure, change-request-configuration-updated, api-token-created, api-token-updated, api-token-deleted, feature-favorited, feature-unfavorited, project-favorited, project-unfavorited, features-exported, features-imported, service-account-created, service-account-deleted, service-account-updated, feature-potentially-stale-on, feature-dependency-added, feature-dependency-removed, feature-dependencies-removed, banner-created, banner-updated, banner-deleted, project-environment-added, project-environment-removed, default-strategy-updated, segment-import, signal-endpoint-created, signal-endpoint-updated, signal-endpoint-deleted, signal-endpoint-token-created, signal-endpoint-token-updated, signal-endpoint-token-deleted, actions-created, actions-updated, actions-deleted]

    What type of event this is

  • createdBy string required

    Which user created this event

  • createdByUserId number nullable

    The is of the user that created this event

  • environment string nullable

    The feature flag environment the event relates to, if applicable.

  • project string nullable

    The project the event relates to, if applicable.

  • featureName string nullable

    The name of the feature flag the event relates to, if applicable.

  • data object nullable

    Extra associated data related to the event, such as feature flag state, segment configuration, etc., if applicable.

  • preData object nullable

    Data relating to the previous state of the event's subject.

  • tags object[]nullable

    Any tags related to the event, if applicable.

  • Array [
  • value string required

    Possible values: >= 2 characters and <= 50 characters

    The value of the tag.

  • type string required

    Possible values: >= 2 characters and <= 50 characters

    The type of the tag

  • ]
  • ]
  • totalEvents integer

    The total count of events