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Get all login events.

GET /api/admin/logins

Returns all login events in the Unleash system. You can optionally get them in CSV format by specifying the Accept header as text/csv.




  • events object[]required

    A list of login events

  • Array [
  • id integer required

    Possible values: >= 1

    The event's ID. Event IDs are incrementing integers. In other words, a more recent event will always have a higher ID than an older event.

  • username string

    The username of the user that attempted to log in. Will return "Incorrectly configured provider" when attempting to log in using a misconfigured provider.

  • auth_type string

    The authentication type used to log in.

  • created_at date-time

    The date and time of when the login was attempted.

  • successful boolean

    Whether the login was successful or not.

  • ip string nullable

    The IP address of the client that attempted to log in.

  • failure_reason string nullable

    The reason for the login failure. This property is only present if the login was unsuccessful.

  • ]