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Get scheduled change requests matching a query.

GET /api/admin/projects/:projectId/change-requests/scheduled

This endpoint retrieves basic information about all scheduled change requests that match the search criteria provided in the query parameters. The endpoint will return any change request that matches one or more of the provided parameters. If you use no query parameters, you'll get an empty list.

For instance, to find all the scheduled change requests that either touch feature MyFeature or strategy 0D198067-7D55-460C-9EC7-DB86E3AE261A, you would use the query string feature=MyFeature&strategyId=0D198067-7D55-460C-9EC7-DB86E3AE261A.


Path Parameters

  • projectId string required


  • Array [
  • id number required

    The change request id

  • environment string required

    The environment of the change request

  • title string

    The change request title

  • ]