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Get UI configuration

GET /api/admin/ui-config

Retrieves the full configuration used to set up the Unleash Admin UI.




  • slogan string

    The slogan to display in the UI footer.

  • name string

    The name of this Unleash instance. Used to build the text in the footer.

  • version string required

    The current version of Unleash

  • environment string

    What kind of Unleash instance it is: Enterprise, Pro, or Open source

  • unleashUrl string required

    The URL of the Unleash instance.

  • baseUriPath string required

    The base URI path at which this Unleash instance is listening.

  • feedbackUriPath string

    The URI path at which the feedback endpoint is listening.

  • disablePasswordAuth boolean

    Whether password authentication should be disabled or not.

  • emailEnabled boolean

    Whether this instance can send out emails or not.

  • maintenanceMode boolean

    Whether maintenance mode is currently active or not.

  • segmentValuesLimit number

    The maximum number of values that can be used in a single segment.

  • strategySegmentsLimit number

    The maximum number of segments that can be applied to a single strategy.

  • networkViewEnabled boolean

    Whether to enable the Unleash network view or not.

  • frontendApiOrigins string[]

    The list of origins that the front-end API should accept requests from.

  • flags object

    Additional (largely experimental) features that are enabled in this Unleash instance.

  • anyOf
  • links object[]

    Relevant links to use in the UI.

  • authenticationType string

    Possible values: [open-source, demo, enterprise, hosted, custom, none]

    The type of authentication enabled for this Unleash instance

  • versionInfo objectrequired

    Detailed information about an Unleash version

  • current objectrequired

    The current version of Unleash.

  • oss string

    The OSS version used when building this Unleash instance, represented as a git revision belonging to the main Unleash git repo

  • enterprise string

    The Enterpris version of Unleash used to build this instance, represented as a git revision belonging to the Unleash Enterprise repository. Will be an empty string if no enterprise version was used,

  • latest objectrequired

    Information about the latest available Unleash releases. Will be an empty object if no data is available.

  • oss string

    The latest available OSS version of Unleash

  • enterprise string

    The latest available Enterprise version of Unleash

  • isLatest boolean required

    Whether the Unleash server is running the latest release (true) or if there are updates available (false)

  • instanceId string

    The instance identifier of the Unleash instance