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Check which tokens are valid

POST /edge/validate

This operation accepts a list of tokens to validate. Unleash will validate each token you provide. For each valid token you provide, Unleash will return the token along with its type and which projects it has access to.





  • tokens string[] required

    Tokens that we want to get access information about



  • tokens object[]required

    The list of Unleash token objects. Each object contains the token itself and some additional metadata.

  • Array [
  • projects string[] required

    The list of projects this token has access to. If the token has access to specific projects they will be listed here. If the token has access to all projects it will be represented as [*]

  • type string required

    Possible values: [client, admin, frontend]

    The API token's type. Unleash supports three different types of API tokens (ADMIN, CLIENT, FRONTEND). They all have varying access, so when validating a token it's important to know what kind you're dealing with

  • token string required

    The actual token value. Unleash API tokens are comprised of three parts. <project(s)>:.randomcharacters

  • ]