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Change specific properties of a strategy

PATCH /api/admin/projects/:projectId/features/:featureName/environments/:environment/strategies/:strategyId

Change specific properties of a strategy configuration in a feature flag.


Path Parameters

  • projectId string required
  • featureName string required
  • environment string required
  • strategyId string required




  • Array [
  • path string required

    The path to the property to operate on

  • op string required

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, copy, move]

    The kind of operation to perform

  • from string

    The target to move or copy from, if performing one of those operations

  • value

    The value to add or replace, if performing one of those operations

  • ]


  • id string

    A uuid for the feature strategy

  • name string required

    The name or type of strategy

  • title string nullable

    A descriptive title for the strategy

  • disabled boolean nullable

    A toggle to disable the strategy. defaults to false. Disabled strategies are not evaluated or returned to the SDKs

  • featureName string

    The name or feature the strategy is attached to

  • sortOrder number

    The order of the strategy in the list

  • segments number[]

    A list of segment ids attached to the strategy

  • constraints object[]

    A list of the constraints attached to the strategy. See

  • Array [
  • contextName string required

    The name of the context field that this constraint should apply to.

  • operator string required


    The operator to use when evaluating this constraint. For more information about the various operators, refer to the strategy constraint operator documentation.

  • caseInsensitive boolean

    Default value: false

    Whether the operator should be case sensitive or not. Defaults to false (being case sensitive).

  • inverted boolean

    Default value: false

    Whether the result should be negated or not. If true, will turn a true result into a false result and vice versa.

  • values string[]

    The context values that should be used for constraint evaluation. Use this property instead of value for properties that accept multiple values.

  • value string

    The context value that should be used for constraint evaluation. Use this property instead of values for properties that only accept single values.

  • ]
  • variants object[]

    Strategy level variants

  • Array [
  • name string required

    The variant name. Must be unique for this feature flag

  • weight integer required

    Possible values: <= 1000

    The weight is the likelihood of any one user getting this variant. It is an integer between 0 and 1000. See the section on variant weights for more information

  • weightType string required

    Possible values: [variable, fix]

    Set to fix if this variant must have exactly the weight allocated to it. If the type is variable, the weight will adjust so that the total weight of all variants adds up to 1000. Refer to the variant weight documentation.

  • stickiness string required

    The stickiness to use for distribution of this variant. Stickiness is how Unleash guarantees that the same user gets the same variant every time

  • payload object

    Extra data configured for this variant

  • type string required

    Possible values: [json, csv, string, number]

    The type of the value. Commonly used types are string, number, json and csv.

  • value string required

    The actual value of payload

  • ]
  • parameters object

    A list of parameters for a strategy

  • property name* string