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Register a client SDK

POST /api/client/register

Register a client SDK with Unleash. SDKs call this endpoint on startup to tell Unleash about their existence. Used to track custom strategies in use as well as SDK versions.





  • appName string required

    An identifier for the app that uses the sdk, should be static across SDK restarts

  • instanceId string

    A unique identifier identifying the instance of the application running the SDK. Often changes based on execution environment. For instance: two pods in Kubernetes will have two different instanceIds

  • sdkVersion string

    An SDK version identifier. Usually formatted as "unleash-client-:"

  • environment string deprecated

    The SDK's configured 'environment' property. This property was deprecated in v5. This property does not control which Unleash environment the SDK gets toggles for. To control Unleash environments, use the SDKs API key.

  • interval number required

    How often (in seconds) does the client refresh its toggles

  • started objectrequired

    Either an RFC-3339 timestamp or a unix timestamp in seconds

  • string date-time
  • strategies string[] required

    Which strategies the SDKs runtime knows about


This response has no body.