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How to clone environments


Environment cloning was made available in Unleash 4.19.

Environment cloning enables Unleash admins to duplicate existing environments, including all feature flags strategies and their state.

Step 1: Navigate to the environments page

Navigate to the Environments page in the admin UI (available at the URL /environments). Use the navigation menu item "Configure" and select "Environments".

The admin UI navigation "Configure" submenu with the Environments item highlighted.

Step 2: Select an environment to clone

Select an environment to clone. On the right side, open the actions submenu and select "Clone".

The "production" environment actions submenu with the Clone option highlighted.

Step 3: Fill in the clone environment form

Give your new environment a name. The name must be unique and cannot be the same as the original environment. The name is pre-filled with a suggestion, but you can change it to whatever you like.

Select an environment type, which projects should have their environment configuration cloned, and whether to keep the existing user permissions for the new environment.

The clone environment form filled with some example data, and the Clone environment button highlighted at the bottom.

You can optionally generate an API token for the new environment right away. Select which projects the token should have access to, and the token will be generated when you submit the form.

The clone environment form with the API Token section highlighted and the Generate an API token now option selected

The token details with the "Copy Token" element highlighted.

You can always create API tokens for the new environment by following the Generating an API token guide.