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Jira Server Integration - Installation

The Jira Server Plugin is part of Unleash Enterprise.

With the Unleash Jira server plugin you can create new feature toggles in Unleash from a Jira issue as well as link existing toggles to Jira issues.

The plugin also shows you current status of connected toggles.

Required access levels


You will need an Unleash admin to configure an admin API token.


You will need a Jira admin user.


The Jira server plugin is currently not listed on the Atlassian marketplace.

To get access to the Jira plugin, please reach out to

You will receive a dedicated link that will allow you to download the Unleash Jira server plugin.

Once you've downloaded the plugin artifact, you'll need to click the Manage Apps link in Jira's administration menu

Jira Manage Apps

This will take you to Atlassian's marketplace for Jira apps.

From here, click the "Manage apps" link in the left-hand menu

Jira Marketplace - Manage apps

Now, click "Upload app"

Jira Manage Apps - Upload App

This will prompt you to select the plugin artifact for upload.

Jira Manage Apps - Browse

Once you've selected your file and clicked "Upload". Jira will install the plugin, and you should get a nice status screen saying that it successfully installed.

Jira Manage Apps - Successful install

You can now move on to Configuring the plugin

Configuring plugin

After the plugin is installed. Jira's Manage Apps page will have a new menu section called "Unleash Admin" with a single link - "Configure servers".

Jira Manage Apps - Unleash Admin

Following the "Configure servers" link will take you to a config page where you can setup your connection(s) to Unleash servers. The Unleash Jira server plugin supports having a global server configured for all Jira projects, or a specific server configured for a specific Jira project.

Jira Manage Apps - Unleash Server Admin

Once you have configured at least one Unleash server, your users should be ready to use the Jira Server plugin

Edit existing servers

In the list of known servers, each server has a connected edit button. Clicking the edit button brings up the edit dialog for the server, allowing you to change the details for the selected server

Jira Manage Apps - Edit server

Delete (disconnect) existing servers

Deleting a server from the admin interface does not actually delete the server, but it deletes Jira's knowledge of the server. Since this is a destructive operation, our plugin will ask for confirmation that you're sure you want to do this.

Jira Manage apps - Delete server confirmation

You will not be allowed to delete a server that has toggles connected to issues, instead you'll receive a warning dialog telling you that you'll need to disconnect the toggles from their issues first.

Jira Manage apps - Delete server connected toggles