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Microsoft Teams

This feature was introduced in Unleash v4.0.0.

The MicrosoftTeams integration allows Unleash to post Updates when a feature toggle is updated. To set up this integration, you need to set up a webhook connector for your channel. You can follow Creating an Incoming Webhook for a channel on how to do that.

The Microsoft Teams integration will perform a single retry if the HTTP POST against the Microsoft Teams Webhook URL fails (either a 50x or network error). Duplicate events may happen, and you should never assume events always comes in order.



You can choose to trigger updates for the following events:

  • feature-created
  • feature-updated (*)
  • feature-metadata-updated
  • feature-project-change
  • feature-archived
  • feature-revived
  • feature-strategy-update
  • feature-strategy-add
  • feature-strategy-remove
  • feature-stale-on
  • feature-stale-off
  • feature-environment-enabled
  • feature-environment-disabled

*) Deprecated, and will not be used after transition to environments in Unleash v4.3


Unleash Microsoft Teams integration takes the following parameters.

  • Microsoft Teams Webhook URL - This is the only required property.


Microsoft teams's incoming webhooks are channel specific. You will be able to create multiple integrations to support messaging on multiple channels.