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How to Setup Okta Provisioning


The Provisioning capability is only available for customers on the Enterprise subscription. Check out the Unleash plans for details.

Unleash Configuration

Step 1: Navigate to Provisioning configuration

First you'll need to log in to Unleash as an admin user. Navigate to the Single Sign-On section and select the "SCIM" tab. The SCIM API URL will be shown in this section, you'll need this to configure Okta later.

Navigate to the SCIM Config

Step 2: Enable Provisioning

Enable SCIM by turning on the toggle and keep the token Unleash provides you for the Okta setup below.

Enable the SCIM toggle

Okta Configuration

Step 1: Create an Application in Okta


If you already have SAML SSO configured for Unleash in Okta you can skip to the next step. If you're planning on using SAML for Unleash, do that first and skip to the next step. Note that if you're using OIDC SSO in Okta you still need to do this step.

This step will create an empty Sign-On Application that will only be used for SCIM.

1) Navigate to "Admin -> Applications" and click the "Create App Integration" button.

Navigate to Create Application

2) Select SWA - Secure Web Authentication

Select Secure Web Application

3) Fill in your App Name and App's login page URL

Setup Application Properties

Step 2: Enable Provisioning in your Okta Application


If you already have a SAML application setup for Unleash you'll be modifying that application in this step.

Enable SCIM provisioning and save.

Enable SCIM

Step 3: Connect Unleash

1) Navigate to the Provisioning tab

2) Set the Unleash SCIM URL

This is provided by the Unleash UI in the configuring Unleash section.

2) Set email as the unique identifier

3) Configure actions

Turn on "Push New Users", "Push Groups" and "Push Profile Updates".

4) Set authentication mode to "HTTP Header"

5) Add your SCIM token

This was provided by the Unleash UI in the configuring Unleash section.

Connect Unleash

Step 4: Configure Okta Provisioning

Navigate to the "To App" tab. Turn on "Create Users", "Update User Attributes" and "Deactivate Users". Save your configuration.

Configure Okta Provisioning

Step 5: Configure Provisioning Properties

1) Set email

Set the email field to map to your login property. This is important and ensures that your SSO integration continues to work.

2) Remove unneeded properties

You should remove all unnecessary properties. This ensures that Okta will reach a steady state when synchronizing. The properties that you must retain are:

  • Username
  • Given name
  • Family name
  • Email
  • Primary email type
  • Display name

Configure Provisioning Attributes