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Creates a new environment

POST /api/admin/environments

Uses the details provided in the payload to create a new environment





  • name string required

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^[a-zA-Z0-9~_.-]+$

    The name of the environment. Must be a URL-friendly string according to RFC 3968, section 2.3

  • type string required

    Possible values: non-empty

    The type of environment you would like to create. Unleash officially recognizes the following values:

    • development
    • test
    • preproduction
    • production

    If you pass a string that is not one of the recognized values, Unleash will accept it, but it will carry no special semantics.

  • enabled boolean

    Newly created environments are enabled by default. Set this property to false to create the environment in a disabled state.

  • sortOrder integer

    Defines where in the list of environments to place this environment. The list uses an ascending sort, so lower numbers are shown first. You can change this value later.


The resource was successfully created.

Response Headers
  • location string

    The location of the newly created resource.

  • name string required

    The name of the environment

  • type string required
  • enabled boolean required

    true if the environment is enabled for the project, otherwise false.

  • protected boolean required

    true if the environment is protected, otherwise false. A protected environment can not be deleted.

  • sortOrder integer required

    Priority of the environment in a list of environments, the lower the value, the higher up in the list the environment will appear. Needs to be an integer

  • projectCount integer nullable

    The number of projects with this environment

  • apiTokenCount integer nullable

    The number of API tokens for the project environment

  • enabledToggleCount integer nullable

    The number of enabled toggles for the project environment