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Updates an environment by name

PUT /api/admin/environments/update/:name

Given an environment by name updates the environment with the given payload. Note that name, enabled and protected cannot be changed by this API


Path Parameters

  • name string required




  • type string

    Updates the type of environment (i.e. development or production).

  • sortOrder integer

    Changes the sort order of this environment.



  • name string required

    The name of the environment

  • type string required
  • enabled boolean required

    true if the environment is enabled for the project, otherwise false.

  • protected boolean required

    true if the environment is protected, otherwise false. A protected environment can not be deleted.

  • sortOrder integer required

    Priority of the environment in a list of environments, the lower the value, the higher up in the list the environment will appear. Needs to be an integer

  • projectCount integer nullable

    The number of projects with this environment

  • apiTokenCount integer nullable

    The number of API tokens for the project environment

  • enabledToggleCount integer nullable

    The number of enabled toggles for the project environment