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Get all feature types

GET /api/admin/feature-types

Retrieves all feature types that exist in this Unleash instance, along with their descriptions and lifetimes.




  • version integer required

    Possible values: [1]

    The schema version used to describe the feature flag types listed in the types property.

  • types object[]required

    The list of feature flag types.

  • Array [
  • id string required

    The identifier of this feature flag type.

  • name string required

    The display name of this feature flag type.

  • description string required

    A description of what this feature flag type is intended to be used for.

  • lifetimeDays integer nullable required

    How many days it takes before a feature flag of this typed is flagged as potentially stale by Unleash. If this value is null, Unleash will never mark it as potentially stale.

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