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Update feature type lifetime

PUT /api/admin/feature-types/:id/lifetime

Updates the lifetime configuration for the specified feature flag type. The expected lifetime is an integer representing the number of days before Unleash marks a feature flag of that type as potentially stale. If set to null or 0, then feature flags of that particular type will never be marked as potentially stale.

When a feature flag type's expected lifetime is changed, this will also cause any feature flags of this type to be reevaluated for potential staleness.


Path Parameters

  • id string required




  • lifetimeDays integer nullable required

    Possible values: <= 2147483647

    The new lifetime (in days) that you want to assign to the feature flag type. If the value is null or 0, then the feature flags of that type will never be marked as potentially stale. Otherwise, they will be considered potentially stale after the number of days indicated by this property.



  • id string required

    The identifier of this feature flag type.

  • name string required

    The display name of this feature flag type.

  • description string required

    A description of what this feature flag type is intended to be used for.

  • lifetimeDays integer nullable required

    How many days it takes before a feature flag of this typed is flagged as potentially stale by Unleash. If this value is null, Unleash will never mark it as potentially stale.