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Get a list of all projects.

GET /api/admin/projects

This endpoint returns an list of all the projects in the Unleash instance.




  • version integer required

    The schema version used to represent the project data.

  • projects object[]required

    A list of projects in the Unleash instance

  • Array [
  • id string required

    The id of this project

  • name string required

    The name of this project

  • description string nullable

    Additional information about the project

  • health number

    An indicator of the project's health on a scale from 0 to 100

  • featureCount number

    The number of features this project has

  • staleFeatureCount number

    The number of stale features this project has

  • potentiallyStaleFeatureCount number

    The number of potentially stale features this project has

  • memberCount number

    The number of members this project has

  • createdAt date-time

    When this project was created.

  • updatedAt date-time nullable

    When this project was last updated.

  • favorite boolean

    true if the project was favorited, otherwise false.

  • mode string

    Possible values: [open, protected, private]

    The project's collaboration mode. Determines whether non-project members can submit change requests or not.

  • defaultStickiness string

    A default stickiness for the project affecting the default stickiness value for variants and Gradual Rollout strategy

  • avgTimeToProduction number

    The average time from when a feature was created to when it was enabled in the "production" environment during the current window

  • owners object

    The users and/or groups that have the "owner" role in this project. If no such users or groups exist, the list will contain the "system" owner instead.

  • Array [
  • anyOf
  • ownerType string required

    Possible values: [user]

  • name string required
  • imageUrl string nullable
  • email string nullable
  • ]
  • ]