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Get project-role mappings

GET /api/admin/projects/roles/:roleId/access

For the provided role, retrieves a list of projects that use this role. For each project it also contains information about how the role used in that project, such as how many users, groups, or service accounts that use the role.


Path Parameters

  • roleId string required


  • projects object[]

    A collection of projects with counts of users and groups mapped to them with specified roles.

  • Array [
  • project string required

    The id of the project user and group count are counted for.

  • role integer

    Id of the role the user and group count are counted for.

  • userCount integer

    Number of users mapped to this project.

  • serviceAccountCount integer

    Number of service accounts mapped to this project.

  • groupCount integer

    Number of groups mapped to this project.

  • ]