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Gets traffic usage data for selected period

GET /api/admin/metrics/traffic/:period

Gets traffic usage data numbers per API for a period given by the parameter


Path Parameters

  • period string required


  • period string required

    The year-month period for which the data usage is counted

  • apiData object[]required

    Contains the recorded daily data usage for each API path

  • Array [
  • days object[]required

    An array containing each day in the selected period that has data usage recorded

  • Array [
  • day date-time required

    The day of the period for which the usage is recorded

  • trafficTypes object[]required

    Contains the recorded data usage for each type of traffic group

  • Array [
  • group string required

    The traffic group

  • count number required

    The number of requests

  • ]
  • ]
  • apiPath string required

    The path of the API that the recorded data usage is for

  • ]