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Apply a patch to a feature's variants (in all environments).

PATCH /api/admin/projects/:projectId/features/:featureName/variants

Apply a list of patches patch to the specified feature's variants. The patch objects should conform to the JSON-patch format (RFC 6902).

⚠️ Warning: This method is not atomic. If something fails in the middle of applying the patch, you can be left with a half-applied patch. We recommend that you instead patch variants on a per-environment basis, which is an atomic operation.


Path Parameters

  • projectId string required
  • featureName string required




  • Array [
  • path string required

    The path to the property to operate on

  • op string required

    Possible values: [add, remove, replace, copy, move]

    The kind of operation to perform

  • from string

    The target to move or copy from, if performing one of those operations

  • value

    The value to add or replace, if performing one of those operations

  • ]


  • version integer required

    The version of the feature variants schema.

  • variants object[]required

    All variants defined for a specific feature flag.

  • Array [
  • name string required

    The variants name. Is unique for this feature flag

  • weight number required

    Possible values: <= 1000

    The weight is the likelihood of any one user getting this variant. It is a number between 0 and 1000. See the section on variant weights for more information

  • weightType string

    Possible values: [variable, fix]

    Set to fix if this variant must have exactly the weight allocated to it. If the type is variable, the weight will adjust so that the total weight of all variants adds up to 1000

  • stickiness string

    Stickiness is how Unleash guarantees that the same user gets the same variant every time

  • payload object

    Extra data configured for this variant

  • type string required

    Possible values: [json, csv, string, number]

    The type of the value. Commonly used types are string, number, json and csv.

  • value string required

    The actual value of payload

  • overrides object[]

    Overrides assigning specific variants to specific users. The weighting system automatically assigns users to specific groups for you, but any overrides in this list will take precedence.

  • Array [
  • contextName string required

    The name of the context field used to determine overrides

  • values string[] required

    Which values that should be overriden

  • ]
  • ]