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Gets inactive users

GET /api/admin/user-admin/inactive

Gets all inactive users. An inactive user is a user that has not logged in in the last 180 days




  • version integer required

    Possible values: >= 1

    The version of this schema. Used to keep track of compatibility

  • inactiveUsers object[]required

    The list of users that are flagged as inactive

  • Array [
  • id integer required

    The user id

  • name string nullable

    Name of the user

  • email string

    Email of the user

  • username string nullable

    A unique username for the user

  • seenAt date-time nullable

    The last time this user logged in

  • createdAt date-time

    The user was created at this time

  • patSeenAt date-time nullable

    The last time this user's PAT token (if any) was used

  • ]