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Get your own user details

GET /api/admin/user

Detailed information about the current user, user permissions and user feedback




  • user objectrequired

    An Unleash user

  • id integer required

    The user id

  • isAPI boolean deprecated

    Deprecated in v5. Used internally to know which operations the user should be allowed to perform

  • name string nullable

    Name of the user

  • email string

    Email of the user

  • username string nullable

    A unique username for the user

  • imageUrl string

    URL used for the userprofile image

  • inviteLink string

    If the user is actively inviting other users, this is the link that can be shared with other users

  • loginAttempts integer

    How many unsuccessful attempts at logging in has the user made

  • emailSent boolean

    Is the welcome email sent to the user or not

  • rootRole integer

    Which root role this user is assigned

  • seenAt date-time nullable

    The last time this user logged in

  • createdAt date-time

    The user was created at this time

  • accountType string

    A user is either an actual User or a Service Account

  • permissions string[]


  • scimId string nullable

    The SCIM ID of the user, only present if managed by SCIM

  • permissions object[]required

    User permissions for projects and environments

  • Array [
  • permission string required

    Project or environment permission name

  • project string

    The project this permission applies to

  • environment string

    The environment this permission applies to

  • ]
  • feedback object[]required

    User feedback information

  • Array [
  • userId integer

    The ID of the user that gave the feedback.

  • neverShow boolean

    true if the user has asked never to see this feedback questionnaire again.

  • given date-time nullable

    When this feedback was given

  • feedbackId string

    The name of the feedback session

  • ]
  • splash objectrequired

    Splash screen configuration

  • property name* boolean