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Get a single role

GET /api/admin/roles/:roleId

Get a single role by role id


Path Parameters

  • roleId string required


  • id number required

    The role id

  • type string required

    A role can either be a global root role, or a project role or a custom project role or a custom global root-custom role

  • name string required

    The name of the role

  • description string

    A more detailed description of the role and what use it's intended for

  • permissions object[]required

    A list of permissions assigned to this role

  • Array [
  • id integer required

    The identifier for this permission

  • name string required

    The name of this permission

  • displayName string required

    The name to display in listings of permissions

  • type string required

    What level this permission applies to. Either root, project or the name of the environment it applies to

  • environment string

    Which environment this permission applies to

  • ]