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This feature was introduced in Unleash v3.11.0.

Unleash Addons allows you to extend Unleash with new functionality. Currently, addons allow you to listen to changes in Unleash and trigger updates in other systems, typical via a WebHook.

Currently Unleash support the following Addons out of the box:

  • Webhook - A generic way to post messages from Unleash to third party services.
  • Slack - Allows Unleash to post updates to Slack.
  • Microsoft Teams - Allows Unleash to post updates to Microsoft Teams.
  • Datadog -allows Unleash to post Updates to Datadog when a feature toggle is updated.

In future releases we plan to support community built addons.


When updating or creating a new addon configuration it can take up to one minute before Unleash picks up the new config on all instances due to caching.